Somatic Coaching Groups | Womens Power Circles

Embodying ourselves, empowering others

Women’s Power Circles are an intimate network of women on a journey to embodied, authentic and empowered leadership.

Together with a group of professional women, you will have the space and time to reflect on your leadership by tapping into the wisdom of the body and the collective. You will be coached, learn from your peers and feel empowered to try something different.

Being part of this group of women is not only very moving, it creates an army of witnesses to your personal growth. You connect with each other as human beings and become fervent supporters of each other.

Power circles offers a proven 8 phase approach which leverages the mind/body connection, enabling you to align your actions with the future you want to create. 

Whether you wish to shape your legacy, bring your bold vision to life or enable sustainable change across your business, get in touch for a free exploratory conversation.

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How Women’s Power Circles work

In this video, participants describe how the sessions work. They explain how the approach draws on the wisdom of the group and can be tailored to the individual.