Eunice Aquilina

I can vividly recall being the silent figure in a room, stifled by fear, quick to relinquish my voice and power to others. I can remember being driven by a relentless pursuit of credentials in search of confidence and recognition.

Empowerment, however, requires connection with our embodied selves. Ultimately it was only through somatics that I awoke to the wisdom of my body and was able to step into my personal power.

This transformative process enabled me to shed old patterns that once confined me and embraced a newfound sense of purpose. I discovered the power of embodied practices, enabling me to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and authenticity. From a state of containment and fear, I emerged, occupying my space with groundedness, openness and a sense of possibility.

Through my personal experience, doctoral research and through my practice as an executive coach partnering with leaders across the world, I developed an approach which realises the profound potential for change that lies within every woman.

My mission is to cultivate a leadership presence in women that resonates with their deepest values, fosters genuine connections and paves the way for a purposeful and sustainable future. I want to guide fellow women as they transcend self-sabotaging cycles and embrace their innate strength. I believe in dismantling internal barriers by tapping into the wisdom of our bodies and rekindling our inherent power.

I created “Stepping Into Your Power,” an approach that integrates psychology, language philosophy, and adult development theory with the field of somatics.

My passion lies in creating inclusive spaces where women can authentically connect, uncover their purpose, and cultivate a leadership presence that leaves a lasting impact on their organisations and communities.

Join me as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and collective growth. Together, let us reclaim our voices, embrace our authenticity, and step boldly into our power together.