Stepping Into Your Power


An embodied approach to developing women leaders

‘An inspiring read, offering stories from real women leading change in organisations.’

An embodied approach to developing women leaders which invites us to re-write our interpretation of power, from the prevailing ‘power over’ to ‘power with’ developing a felt sense that the whole is greater than any one individual. This is the pathway to creating organisations that work for everyone. 

About the book

The book Stepping Into Your Power integrates different perspectives and theoretical frames with the author’s own experience of working with women leaders in organisations combined with action research. It sets out how women are able to dismantle the internal barriers that maintain the status quo and become a powerful force for change. 

Individual and collective transformation are interdependent and inseparable. When women come together and support one another it is possible to transcend the norms and social forces and shift the prevailing culture. We can create more inclusive cultures where everyone, women and men, can participate and contribute to the benefit of all. It’s time to rewrite our interpretation of power, it’s time to make a difference.

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Author & co-writers


This book gives voice to some incredible women who bravely step out of the shadows to let themselves be seen. They each share honest and often moving accounts of how they have reclaimed themselves as women and now embody a strong leadership presence. These stories weave together to inspire, provoke and empower. 

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Stepping Into Your Power offers an innovative approach for empowering women leaders and transforming organisational culture. The book includes honest and moving accounts of how women have built strong leadership and shows how to achieve a collective and personal transformation to build a more inclusive culture.


Stepping Into Your Power

Eunice Aquilina

Price: £14.99 (Paperback)  £7.99 (ebook)


Real stories, relatable and inspiring

Draw on the experience of others and learn how to become the successful and authentic leader that you want to be. Great stories, practical and engaging.


A practical book from Women who lead

I would recommend this book to anyone seeking examples and case studies of real life experiences from women in leadership. The pace is fast, the narrative authentic and related theory is well referenced.

Trish Kill

Practical and inspring

A thought provoking collection of practical tips and inspiring accounts from female leaders, whose personal insights of self-discovery span three key themes:

– Redefining what power looks like
– The art of being present in order to take conscious and purposeful action
– The value of intuition

A definite must read for anyone looking to enhance their personal power and challenge the status quo.

Clare Eagle

Inspiring and thought provoking

Easy to read, but inspiring and thought provoking, I found myself quickly connecting with the ladies who have bravely and honestly shared their stories. I also liked the holistic approach of including practices which help give time to reflect on each story. I very much enjoyed reading this book and it gives me food for thought in my own role as a people manager.

Unbedingte Empfehlung: Mehr Impact und Authentizität für Frauen in Führung

In ihrem Buch “Stepping Into Your Power” beschreibt Eunice Aquilina zusammen mit inspirierenden Frauen in unterschiedlichsten Führungspositionen einen kraftvollen und nachhaltigen Persönlichkeitsentwicklungsansatz, der nicht nur auf kognitives Verstehen sondern auf “embodied transformation” setzt. Anhand von eindrucksvollen Beispielen machen die beteiligten Frauen deutlich, wieviel mehr Kraft und Authentizität sie in ihrer Führungsrolle entwickeln konnten – durch die intensive ganzheitliche Arbeit an sich selbst. Mit praktischen Übungen und wissenschaftlichen Hintergründen spannend und nachvollziehbar erklärt: Eine unbedingte Empfehlung für alle Frauen, die offener, authentischer und wirksamer führen wollen.

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