Changing organisational culture by unlocking the talent of women leaders

Women’s Power Circles

An intimate network of women leaders who want to step into their power.  Read more >

Changing organisational culture by unlocking the talent of women leaders

Women’s Power Circles

An intimate network of women leaders who want to step into their power.  Read more >

Our approach

It’s time to make a difference

Forward-thinking businesses know the value of an inclusive workplace; senior level female representation is good for the bottom line.

We exist to help you shift the human elements of your organisation right now, to have different conversations that enable individual and collective change, and generate an immediate difference in how women contribute to your workplace.  This is the foundation for longer-term systemic change in your organisation.

Our purpose

We help women to step into their power by finding their purpose, voice and authentic authority for maximum impact at work.

We enable organisations to become places where women’s voices are valued and respected at the most senior levels.

Our proven approach

Our programmes are proven to deliver long-lasting change at both personal and organisational levels.  We respond to the unique needs of each woman and each organisation, whether that’s creating a vision, developing more meaningful relationships, building confidence or increasing resilience.

We work at the intersection between language (how and what you think), embodied learning (how you habitually behave) and new action (what’s possible), enabling you to transform how you show up at work, your impact and your identity, moving through a journey of awakening, transforming and empowering.

It’s time to turn good intentions into impact

How Women’s Power Circles work

In this video, participants describe how the sessions work. They explain how the approach draws on the wisdom of the group and can be tailored to the individual.

What clients say

report an enhanced delivery of priorities by having a clearer sense of purpose

are better able to build strong, trusting relationships that enable them to hold boundaries and say no when necessary

are having ‘conversations for action’ that actively deliver on organisational objectives

Our offer

For your

Customised in- house Women’s Power Circle Leadership programme, that builds individual and collective capacity for inclusive action

Who is it for?

Organisations who are serious about moving towards a more ‘power with’ inclusive environment where all voices can be heard.  By bringing together senior women leaders they become they become a collective voice for change

Teams who want to change the way they work so that everyone can make their maximum contribution 

Stories from our work with organisations

Power and Presence
with Caroline Taylor

Unlike anything I’d experienced
with Anja Wideburg

A commitment to myself and other women
with Rejane Souza

For individual women

Executive Coaching for Women Leaders
Power Circle Open Leadership programmes

Who is it for?

Senior and high-potential women leaders who want to embrace their power, make a bigger contribution, and generate possibilities for others

Women leaders who want to be part of a learning group with other like-minded professionals beyond their own organisation.

Stories from our work with Individual women leaders

Feel the power
with Deborah Whitworth-Hilton

Possibilities I’d never imagined
with Valeria Della Rosa

The power in pausing: rediscovering my authentic self with coaching
with Navjot Wyld

Read the stories by those we’ve worked alongside

Stepping Into Your Power

An embodied approach to developing women leaders

Who we are

Creating shifts in leadership through Women’s Power Circles

In this video, we hear how Power Circles offer women leaders the tools and ongoing strength to lead with authenticity and confidence.