Daring to embody the extraordinary power of our feminine wisdom

Daring to embody the extraordinary power of our feminine wisdom

Women leaders have the opportunity to embrace a new paradigm of leadership. Together, let’s create a movement towards ‘power with’ and away from ‘power over’.

Meet Eunice

‘I can vividly recall being the silent figure in a room, stifled by fear, quick to relinquish my voice and power to others. I can remember being driven by a relentless pursuit of credentials in search of confidence and recognition.

Empowerment, however, requires connection with our embodied selves. Ultimately it was only through somatics that I awoke to the wisdom of my body and was able to step into my personal power’.

Eunice Aquilina

Step Into Your Power

Awaken to the wisdom of your Body

Why do we, as intelligent and capable women, hold ourselves back from becoming our most powerful selves? We are influenced by conditioning that is both millennia-old and formed by our social contexts and individual histories that keeps us stuck.

Increasing the impact we have as women starts with re-awakening our inner wisdom, cultivating our intuitive self so we can claim our personal power and find our own unique, authentic voice.

When women embody their authentic power and bring their voice to the world, remarkable things happen.

Whether you are stepping up into a more senior leadership role, or moving beyond your executive role to shape a meaningful legacy or developing mastery in your practice, get in touch to book a free 45 minute chat.

Creating shifts in leadership through Women’s Power Circles

In this video, we hear how Power Circles offer women leaders the tools and ongoing strength to lead with authenticity and confidence.