Feel the power

I wondered what the Embodied Learning programme might bring me that I hadn’t already seen and tried. In just three days, I was blown away.

The programme came at the right time for me, both at work and in my personal life. It was totally life-changing.

Forever the engineering brain, believing that power came from knowledge and regularly over-thinking, to be encouraged to spend time attuning to our bodies, our feelings and sensations was completely liberating and beyond valuable

I’d become an executive in a traditionally male environment. I’d proven myself as an active supporter and enabler of other people’s development but something was missing for me.

Something was holding me back. I’d managed to hide my serious lack of confidence and self-doubt until then but I hoped to explore and eliminate it with the help of this programme.

From the invitation to make my initial declaration and the repeat of it on the second day, I soon realised that I wasn’t being true to myself. How could I support others to be the best they can if I’m not ‘being’ myself?

Re-focussing my declaration allowed me to do things for me, to accept that I have a strong, colourful history full of experiences, knowledge and skills. I should feel proud, happy and confident to be me.

I felt so much strength from relaxing my cognitive muscles and taking more notice of my feelings, emotions and somatic sensations.

By sharing my moods, origin story and by practising and appreciating centring and acknowledging my space, I felt so awakened.

All of a sudden, the issues I brought to the course had dissolved. I felt lighter, confident in my abilities and reason for being and content in who I am – I left the programme as the real, genuine, powerful me.

With my revised declaration of living a fun and happy life for me very much at the front of my mind, the very next day, I took my first step on finding my own happiness – I ended a two-year relationship.

It was nerve-racking at the time but as I sat in the car on my journey home, the surge of strength I felt absolutely convinced me that I’d done the right thing. For the first time, I was being honest to myself and not doing things just to please others.

This confidence continues in the workplace. I allow my body to guide me, rather than over-think things. I am a calmer leader, focussing on the things that matter, trusting my ability to lead a business and support people to be the best they can. At times of uncertainty, I take the time to centre and sense the way forward. I proactively pursued my next career move rather than waiting to be asked, which I successfully achieved – I have a lot to offer and am keen to share it.

Deborah Whitworth-Hilton
Director of Operational Support

An open programme for leaders who want to develop their personal power and embody their authentic selves.